M.O.M | Made of Memories | Art Exhibit



3 years ago, I had a memorial art show for my Mom…This year marks her 8 year anniversary. I decided to have another show to celebrate her LIFE! I want to do this through the story, eyes & interpretation of some of my closest friends & mentors.

This show represents a part of each artist and how different things in our upbringing have helped shape who we are as individuals.

I am happy to announce that I have the honor and pleasure to collaborate with the featured artists on one of their pieces for this show.

Back in 2010 my friends & family asked if I was going to have this show annually….This is my response and simultaneous launch to those requests…

-Summer Bernal


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Saturday, August 10, 2013 | 7:00-10:00pm

I proudly present to you: M.O.M | Made of Memories

A Group Exhibition & Celebration of Life.



fb: Love 19 Productions | t: @love19pro | iG: @love19pro

t: yochubs_217 | iG: @yo_chubs

Danielle Nicolé
fb: Cor Madeira | iG: @tweedlashes

Emily Bradley
iG: @madinc

Gregory Siff
fb: Gregory Siff | t: @gregorysiff | iG: @gregorysiff

Hector Silva
fb: Hector Silva | iG: @hectorsilvaartist

Hugo Romo
fb: Hugo Romo Arte | iG: @lhugoromo1

Joshua Keen Valencia
fb: Joshua Keen Valencia | t: @ @jkeenv | iG: @jkeenv

Leaf Exposures
fb: Leafy Leaf | t: @fReedomchAseR

Lindsey Peeples
fb: Love 19 Productions | t: @love19pro | iG: @love19pro

Margaret Garcia
fb: Margaret Garcia

Michael Buntyn
fb: The Artist Michael Buntyn| t: @MichaelBuntyn| iG: @MichaelBuntyn

Neneki Nick McGee
fb: Neneki McGee | t: @Nicktheartist | iG: @Nicktheartist

Rachael Cordova
fb: Rachael Cordova

Summer Bernal
fb: Summer Bernal | t: @smb2719 | iG: smb2719



Production Co. | Love 19 Productions
fb: Love 19 Productions | t: @love19pro | iG: @love19pro

Curator | Summer Bernal
t: @smb2719 | iG: @smb2719

Host | Cyn Gonzalez
Fb: Cyn Gonzalez | t: @cyndapoet

Venue | KGB Gallery
fb: KGB Gallery | t: @kgbstudios | iG: @KGBGALLERY



Adrian Huerta
t: @drianhuerta | iG: @drianhuerta

Montgomery Fisher
t: @viralpunktv | iG: Viralpunk